Vijay Bhatia

President, Bird Group

A young graduate from Ramjas College, Delhi University, Mr. Vijay Bhatia, President Bird Group decided to pursue his vocational path in life and was successful in his very first endeavor to promote the travel industry which was at a very nascent stage.

Born in Lahore, his parents were in government service, choosing to settle in Delhi post retirement. The family background instilled in him strong values of life on which he built the foundation of his travel business. Mr. Bhatia a man well known for his hospitality, humility and sincerity, combined his desire to explore the world with his human traits by foraying into the travel and tourism industry in the early 70’s.

Mr. Vijay Bhatia’s business empire started with a small travel agency that primarily concentrated on ethnic traffic and small business houses like local exporters of garments, brass, handicrafts and carpets. With the travel industry at an early stage, Vijay Bhatia’s vision for creating an extensive travel business soon began to gain momentum as he started dominating the existing travel market.

Forging strong ties with India’s early corporates who ranged from carpet sellers of Banaras, leather manufacturers of Kanpur, garment exporters of Delhi and handicraft makers of Moradabad — the business swiftly expanded.

Slow and steady was always his motto being a perfectionist at heart. A selfless person with a natural flair for interaction, Mr. Vijay Bhatia soon acquired a reputation of being an expert analyst and adviser to the travel and tourism industry. Having mastered the art of wooing corporate travelers with the dedicated service and his charismatic personality, Mr. Vijay Bhatia forged strong ties with his customers who still remain extremely fond of him and have continued their association with him.

Soon, Mr. Vijay Bhatia began to dominate the travel business. Extensive travel, habitual reading on myriad subjects, a focused perspective and entrepreneurial acumen make him an ideal conversationalist whose philosophy and advice are solicited by family, friends, business colleagues and co-workers alike.

In the restricted climate, Mr. Vijay Bhatia grew his business manifold. He was joined by his wife Radha Bhatia in 1973.

Mr. and Mrs. Bhatia forged a reputed name in the travel industry and therefore any additional support given to the industry was always their foremost priority. This was the motivation for bringing automation via Amadeus India. Their far-sighted vision was further taken forward by their oldest son Ankur Bhatia.

Mr. Vijay Bhatia along with his younger son Gaurav are currently facilitating the sales of several of the world’s top airlines such as Air China, Brussels Airlines, Finnair, Icelandair and Oman Air to name only a few.

A pioneer in the field of aviation, Vijay Bhatia has been an instrumental force driving the Bird Group over the past decades. His vision is to bring more maturity into the expanding conglomerate and concentrate on taking over as the management consultants of more international airlines.

The spirit of service and care, combined with a desire to keep abreast with time and technology have led the Bird Group, under his able stewardship, to replicate the success of Bird Travels, in innovative ventures such as IT Enabled Services, travel and tourism education and training, travel automation, consulting and other ancillary aviation support services.

A man of myriad interests, Mr. Vijay Bhatia loves spending time with nature. An avid traveler, he usually loves travelling to exotic locations like Finland and Germany where he can enjoy nature’s untouched bounty. He also spends quality time with his grand-children and is fond of listening to Hindi classics, especially evergreen numbers by yesteryears singer Mukesh. Whenever time permits, he loves to catch up with a few strokes off his cricket bat.